July 17, 2024



A tangy citrus grapefruit, bush lime and ginger flavoured liqueur that provides a refreshing taste which is both cleansing and crisp on the palate.  It is a medium bodied liqueur that leaves a tingling fresh sensation from the experience.


Full bodied liqueur with oranges, cinnamon, star anise and a blend of secret spices.  The bouquet of warming spices combined with the oranges produces a distinctive drink offering a smooth and elegant liqueur with a lengthy finish.

Strawberry Splash

Strawberry Liqueur, natures remedy for that burst of flavour to lavish your taste buds.  Rich in the natural sweetness of strawberries harvested from the fields.  Offering the palate the full sweet and aromatic flavour of fresh strawberries.

Pink Dawn

Combines the subtle flavours of juicy plums, crispy green apples and a hint of ginger.  This liqueur engages the palate with a soft, smooth texture with a hint of delicate fruits and flavours.  The palate is soft to medium bodied with a subtle silkiness.